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Benefits of Sunflower

Sunflower Microgreens from Silverdome Gardens

Sunflower microgreens contain a rich supply of vitamins and minerals, with some varieties containing more than the adult equivalent of their respective mature vegetables. The greens also contain selenium, manganese, and a range of B vitamins.

Contains Disease Fighting Antioxidants
Sunflower microgreens several nutrients which work as powerful antioxidants that protect cell membranes and other structures in the body from damage by free radicals.This may help reduce or prevent some of the effects of aging such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

Good For Your Heart
Cardiovascular disease is a term used to describe diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Sunflower microgreens, like many plant foods, contain phytosterols, which are plant compounds that may help protect the heart by lowering cholesterol.

Good For Your Eyes
Sunflower microgreens are a rich source of vitamin A, a nutrient that is essential for normal vision. Vitamin A also helps protect the cells in the body from free-radical damage and keeps the immune system healthy.

Aids In Weight Loss
Sunflower greens contain a good amount of fiber and protein. As part of a healthy, balanced diet, these vegetables can help control hunger and reduce calorie intake. Fiber also helps regulate blood sugar levels by slowing down carbohydrate digestion.

May Reduce Menopausal Symptoms
Sunflower microgreens are high in calcium, which is needed for muscle contractions, blood vessel contraction and expansion, hormone secretion, and normal heart rhythm. Getting enough calcium can also help prevent bone loss in peri- and postmenopausal women.

May Improve Digestion
Sunflower greens contain dietary fiber and protein, which can improve digestive health by slowing down the movement of food through the intestines and making you feel full for a longer period of time after eating. Fiber also helps facilitate regular bowel movements and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.

Good For Bone Health
Sunflower microgreens are rich in calcium, which is necessary for bone development and strength. Magnesium deficiency can also result in osteoporosis or brittle bones. Sunflower microgreens also contain a number of other nutrients that are important for bone health, including vitamin K, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, copper, and zinc.

Contains Essential Amino Acids
Sunflower microgreens are rich in 8 of the 9 essential amino acids which you need to obtain from food in order to build and maintain body tissues, and facilitate metabolic reactions, among other essential roles in the body.

Good For Muscle Function
Sunflower microgreens contain potassium and magnesium. Potassium is the major mineral found inside cells and magnesium is important for muscle function as well as the function of other organs in the body.

Supports Immune System
Sunflower microgreens are rich in vitamin C, which is needed for making collagen and absorbing non-heme iron. It is also an antioxidant and plays an important role in immune system function by preventing infections and strengthening the immune cells that fight illness.

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Benefits of Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage Microgreens at Silverdome Gardens

Cabbage has been cultivated for centuries for its nutritional content. Plus they have versatile uses in the kitchen too, from cabbage rolls to cabbage soup.

Rich in antioxidants and minerals
Packed with vitamins A, C, and E, beta-carotenes, potassium and iron. Cabbage has especially high levels of vitamin K which helps to heal wounds (blood clotting), and supports bone health. Cabbage is also rich in vitamin C, which helps to fight against free radicals and cancer.

May help with inflammation
Veggies belonging to the Cruciferous family contain powerful antioxidants that help reduce chronic inflammation. This includes diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Good for digestion
This fiber-rich veggie helps with digestion and contains both soluble and insoluble fiber.

May lower cholesterol levels
Found to decrease LDL cholesterol levels which is the “bad” type of cholesterol.

Promotes a healthy heart
Anthocyanin is the natural compound which gives red/purple cabbage its color. It’s also found in other colorful fruits such as grapes and blueberries. Eating foods rich in anthocyanin has been found to prevent heart disease.

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Benefits of Radish

Radish Microgreens from Silverdome Gardens

Radish microgreens are a good source of vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron. While there are plenty of great health benefits of radish, there are some people who should be cautious when consuming radish or other cruciferous vegetables. For those with an iodine deficiency, eating too much radish can block the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Boosts the immune system
Rich in vitamin C, radishes help to protect your body’s overall immune system. It acts as an antioxidant by stabilizing volatile molecules that can damage cells. Vitamin C helps with collagen production which helps heal wounds and maintain strong blood vessel walls.

Promotes healthy skin and eyes
Radishes contain plenty of vitamin A. This vitamin helps promote healthy skin and maintain vision. It also converts food into energy and helps to bolster the immune system.

May aid in weight loss
As radishes have zero fat, and are low in carbs and calories, it can be a great addition to your weight loss diet.

Regulates blood sugar levels
The chemical compounds glucosinolate and isothiocyanate are found in radishes. These help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. In addition, an antioxidant called coenzyme Q10 helps to prevent the onset of diabetes.

Detoxifying and cleansing properties
Compounds found in radishes help the kidneys cleanse the body of toxins, and protect the liver from damage.

May protect against cancer
Many cruciferous veggies like radish may help prevent some forms of cancer. Isothiocyanates found in radish prevent tumors from forming and cleanse the body of unhealthy cancer-causing compounds.

Reduces inflammation
Radishes are high in antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation throughout the body as well as protect against diseases such as arthritis.

May protect against Alzheimer’s
Radish microgreens are very high in vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells and lipids from damage. A diet rich in vitamin E is a great way to ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

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Benefits of Peas

Peas Microgreens from Silverdome Gardens

Pea microgreens have high levels of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids help prevent age-related macular degeneration and cataracts by protecting the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Pea microgreens provide many other nutrients and vitamins!

Vitamin A – Carotenoids
Pea shoots contain carotenoids, including beta carotene, which is also known as Vitamin A.

Carotenoids are fat-soluble antioxidants that have anti-cancer properties by preventing damage to cellular structures. Research strongly suggests that consuming carotenoid-rich foods reduces the incidence of cancers and diseases associated with reduced immune function, cardiovascular disease, and other degenerative disorders.

Pea shoots contain about 15% of the percent daily value (DV) of vitamin A. This is approximately four times more vitamin A than tomatoes.

The Vitamin B Suite
Pea microgreens are also a rich source of folate (B9), which plays a key role in developing and maintaining the body’s cells and protecting against DNA damage. Pea shoots contain approximately eight times more folate than bean sprouts.

This is about 43% of the DV

As far as the other B vitamins, below is a list of the percent of the DV a cup of pea microgreens provides:

  • B1 – Thiamin – 23%
  • B2 – Riboflavin – 14%
  • B3 – Niacin – 23%
  • B5 – 25%
  • B6 – 19%
  • B9 – Foliate – 43%

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a key contributor for the development, growth, and repair of all cells and tissues in the body.

Pea shoots are extremely rich in vitamin C, supplying about 20 % of an adult’s DA. Vitamin C is key in maintaining bones and teeth, proper functioning of the immune system, absorption of iron, wound repair, and many other key bodily functions.

Pea shoots contain the same amount of vitamin C as blueberries. Although some websites report much more.

It is generally understood that calcium ensures strong bones and teeth. However, calcium is also needed for proper muscle movement, blood circulation, and neurological communication between the brain and the body.

Pea shoots are a minor contributor of calcium at only 3% of the DV. But some is better than none, especially since pea shoots provide other essential minerals.

Copper is an essential nutrient and is vital to metabolic processes, it also aids in developing and maintaining strong bones, and ensures proper neurological, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular functioning.

It’s been estimated that up to one-quarter of North Americans may not be consuming sufficient copper in their diets.

Pea Shoots contain a whooping 36% of the DV!

Iron is an essential nutrient and plays a crucial role in hemoglobin production.

Hemoglobin transports oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the body’s tissues. As you know, red blood cells are made up of 40% hemoglobin.

Millions of red blood cells are produced each day replacing those either lost or damaged by our bodily functions.

Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, poor immune function, poor regulation of body temperature, and cognitive impairment.

When iron deficiency remains untreated, red blood cells may drop to extremely low levels, resulting in anemia, characterized by extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, hair loss, and extreme confusion.

Yet adding one cup of pea sprouts to your daily diet will deliver 15% of the DV.

Regularly including these pea microgreens as part of a balanced daily diet can help to ensure proper iron levels.

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Benefits of Kale

Kale Microgreens from Silverdome Gardens

Most have been acquainted that the larger the plant is, the more health benefits it contains. Kale microgreens prove otherwise. They are among the lush greens with a high volume of nutrients.

It is believed to have more than 40 times the nutrients compared to adult kale, and a study from the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry authenticates this report.

So, if you want to add a big punch to your diet without breaking the bank, we highly suggest having your own small garden of kale microgreens. Share its wholesome chews with your neighbor!

Increased Vitamins & Minerals
Kale microgreens are among the best sources of minerals and vitamins C & K. They are additionally stuffed with folate, manganese, and several other nutrients. All of the vitamins and minerals contained in a whole cabbage or lettuce are compressed in this small leafy vegetable. Integrate a few servings into your diet to achieve the health of your dream.

Health & Wellbeing
A cup of raw kale microgreens can keep the doctor away. It boasts 80 milligrams of vitamin C to boost immunity – preventing common colds and viruses. Your body will certainly need this miraculous plant as it can also assist with healthier skin.

And did you know that kales are filled with over thirty times more antioxidant properties compared to similar plants? These cover polyphenols, beta-carotene, and flavonoids.

Improve Digestion
Gut microbes back up the statement about the benefits of kale in your digestive health. It contains prebiotic fibers that can arouse the growth of intestinal bacteria. Vitamins B and C promote absorption of iron – crucial for converting food into energy.

Manage Weight
You can now drop your worry about the side effects of consuming over-the-counter supplement pills. Substitute it with kale instead, thanks to the water and fiber in the plants. You’ll quickly feel fuller to prevent extreme food cravings.

Fight Diabetes
The fiber also aids with managing diabetes. Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, have a delicious intake of kale, and your blood sugar would thank you.

Improve Vision
The carotene included in kale helps protect eye cells. Eating it more often could lessen expensive visits to the optometrist. Especially for adults, you will need an amount of it to keep your vision for longer.

Lower Cholesterol
A small research published by The Journal Of Agriculture and Food Chemistry states that microgreens could reduce cholesterol levels in an individual.

Prevent Cancer
Glucosinolate content is a significant component in kale plants that helps combat cancer. It activates phase 2 detoxification enzymes, which are responsible for removing carcinogens from the body.

Minimize Heart Risk
According to this study, adding more vegetables to your plate could minimize the risk of heart complications. Several studies have shown how beneficial microgreens are for maintaining a stronger heart all year round.

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Benefits of Crimson Clover

Crimson Clover Microgreens from Silverdome Gardens

Clover microgreens are a lovely light green and have a fresh, mild sweetness. They’re very similar to alfalfa sprouts, but with plump, crunchy cotyledons. The best health benefits of these sprouts include their ability to detoxify the body, reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, prevent chronic diseases, and boost circulation, among others.

Detoxify the Body
Research has found that clover sprouts possess the ability to improve liver function and more effectively cleanse the blood, putting less strain on your circulatory and immune systems.

Anticancer Potential
Dr. Adrian Franke, Laurie J. Custer et. al, published an article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, which states that the number of antioxidants in clover sprouts like phytochemicals and isoflavones, may reduce cancer cell formation and slow the spread of the disease by reducing oxidative stress in the body.

Weight Loss
Due to the low-calorie count in clover sprouts, as well as the complete lack of fats or cholesterol, these small sprouts are able to help with weight loss in a major way. Their high levels of fiber and protein also help to feel full, thus preventing unnecessary snacking and overeating.

Boost Circulation
A single serving of clover sprouts contains about 5% of your daily iron intake. While this may not sound like a lot, by ensuring that you have moderate servings of iron in every meal is the best way to prevent the symptoms of anemia.

Some other benefits include:

  • Reduce hot flashes in menopausal women
  • Slow bone loss and even boost bone mineral density in pre and peri-menopausal women
  • Relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Assist in hormonal balance
  • Soothes the nerves
  • Good diuretic
  • Recommended as a tonic
  • Effective liver and blood purifier

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Benefits of Broccoli

Broccoli Microgreens from Silverdome Gardens
Broccoli is a green vegetable that vaguely resembles a miniature tree. It belongs to the plant species known as Brassica oleracea. It’s closely related to cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale and cauliflower — all edible plants collectively referred to as cruciferous vegetables. Broccoli can provide many benefits like cancer prevention, improved bone health, lower cholesterol levels and much more.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, which can be initiated by DNA damage due to oxidative stress. Research has shown that sulforaphane and other compounds in broccoli may protect our cells from the damage caused by oxidative stress. Other nutrients that can help protect us from oxidative stress include beta-carotene, Vitamin C and lutein. Broccoli is also rich in plant chemicals known as indoles which activate enzymes that may help clear carcinogens before they can damage DNA. As mentioned above, these nutrients are found in larger quantities in microgreens than their adult counterparts, making them a great addition to your healthy diet.

Improvements In The Health Of Pregnant Women

Broccoli microgreens are packed with nutrients that offer significant health benefits to pregnant women. These nutrients include folate which prevents birth defects, calcium for strong bones and teeth, Vitamin A for healthy vision and skin, Vitamin C for immunity and potassium to keep blood pressure levels in check. Improved Bone Health Broccoli and other green vegetables high in vitamin K are great for bone health. The vitamin K-dependent protein called osteocalcin is believed to play an important role in bone mineralization. Other bone-nourishing nutrients in broccoli microgreens include calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol serves many important functions in the body. That said, too much cholesterol in the bloodstream can lead to heart disease. A diet rich in plant-based foods is believed to help lower LDL cholesterol levels, and broccoli microgreens are no exception. They contain substances that bind with cholesterol-containing bile acids in the digestive system, preventing them from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. This is one of the most profound nutrient qualities of broccoli microgreens.

Improved Blood Sugar Balance

Blood sugar increases after consuming food containing carbohydrates. This is normal, but if you have diabetes or insulin resistance, your body has a harder time getting sugar from your blood into your cells. If blood sugar stays elevated over time, damage can occur. Broccoli microgreens contain significant amounts of chromium which helps insulin do its job so that your cells can use those carbohydrates for energy. Chromium may help reduce fasting blood sugar levels in diabetics. The fiber in broccoli microgreens can also help with blood sugar balance because it slows down the rate at which foods are digested, giving your body more time to process them.

Weight Loss

Because of their high fiber content, microgreens can be useful for people who are trying to lose weight. Just don’t expect them to magically make you skinny on their own. They contain nutrients that support fat loss and keep you satisfied and nourished, but they won’t make you lose weight without a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury or illness. When you sprain your ankle, for example, pro-inflammatory substances are produced which cause pain and swelling. While this pro-inflammatory response helps protect us from further harm, it can also be harmful if it persists for too long. Broccoli microgreens contain bioflavonoids and isothiocyanates- substances that help reduce inflammation by blocking enzymes which produce pro-inflammatory compounds in the body.

Improved Eye Health

The antioxidant lutein is known to help protect the retina of the eye, which can deteriorate due to oxidative stress. While this substance does not absorb well when taken in supplement form, it is very effective when ingested through food sources such as broccoli microgreens. Other microgreen vegetables high in lutein include kale and basil.

Increased Energy And Endurance

Broccoli microgreens can help fuel our body to run like a well-oiled machine. Some of the most important nutrients for energy production and endurance include iron, B vitamins (B1, B5 and B6), Vitamin E, and Zinc. Several studies have shown that deficiency in Zinc might lead to lower physical performance in adults. This deficiency is often seen in vegetarians, making microgreens an excellent source of this important nutrient. Iron plays a role in hemoglobin formation- the substance that carries oxygen to our cells. Lastly, Vitamin B1 (thiamin) and Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) support energy production in the body.

Improved Digestion And Gut Health

Many plant-based foods are known to contain significant amounts of fiber. The average adult needs 20-35 grams of fiber each day, but many people only get half that amount. Broccoli microgreens are an excellent source of prebiotic fibers which support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and help keep you regular. Fiber is also believed to help lower the risk of heart disease. These nutrients support digestive health and help prevent symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Natural Detoxification

Detoxification is the body’s natural response to harmful substances or waste products. The colon is one major detoxification center because it is rich in good bacteria that help the body remove toxins and waste. When broccoli microgreens are included in your diet, your colon stays functional and healthy, which prevents constipation and other common bowel problems.

Improved Immunity

Broccoli microgreens are rich in vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant, strengthens the immune system and helps fight congestion, colds and flu. The high amounts of vitamin C also support the body’s ability to heal and repair tissue.

Healthy Hair, Skin And Nails

Biotin deficiency can lead to brittleness in hair and nails, as well as dermatitis. When you eat broccoli microgreens regularly, they contribute to your biotin intake so you can avoid these symptoms.

Fights Chronic Disease

Broccoli microgreens fight chronic disease by keeping the body strong and balanced. This is because they contain an abundance of nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, folate, calcium potassium and iron. The vitamin A in these greens helps maintain healthy eyesight; Vitamin C supports a strong immune system; calcium and potassium support healthy blood pressure levels; and iron supports energy production.

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Benefits of Arugula

Arugula Microgreens from Silverdome Gardens
Arugula is a lesser known cruciferous vegetable that provides many of the same benefits as other vegetables of the same family, which include broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts. Arugula can provide many benefits like reduced cancer risk, osteoporosis prevention, improved diabetes, and heart health.

Reduced cancer risk

While an overall healthful, vegetable-rich diet reduces a person’s cancer risk, studies have shown that certain groups of vegetables can have specific anticancer benefits. Cruciferous vegetables are a source of glucosinolates, which are sulfur-containing substances. Glucosinolates may be responsible for the plants’ bitter taste and their cancer-fighting power. The body breaks down glucosinolates into a range of beneficial compounds, including sulforaphane. Sulforaphane can inhibit the enzyme histone deacetylase (HDAC), which is involved in the progression of cancer cells. The ability to stop HDAC enzymes could make foods that contain sulforaphane a potentially significant part of cancer treatment in the future.

Osteoporosis prevention

Arugula is high in several key nutrients for bone health, including calcium and vitamin K. Vitamin K is involved in bone metabolism and that a deficiency can increase the risk of bone fracture. Adequate vitamin K consumption improves bone health by playing an essential role in bone mineralization and helps to improve how the body absorbs and excretes calcium, which is another crucial nutrient for bone health.


Several review studies have found that eating vegetables reduces a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A review study from 2016 reports that leafy green vegetables are especially beneficial. One test tube study showed that arugula extract had anti-diabetic effects in mouse skeletal muscle cells. They produced this effect by stimulating glucose uptake in the cells.

Heart Health

Vegetable intake, specifically cruciferous vegetables, has protective effects on the heart. A 2017 meta-analysis reports that diets rich in cruciferous vegetables, salads, and green leafy vegetables have links with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, a 2018 study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association reported that consuming a diet high in cruciferous vegetables could reduce atherosclerosis in older women. Atherosclerosis is a common condition where plaque builds up in the arteries, increasing a person’s risk of cardiovascular problems. The heart protective effects of these vegetables may be due to their high concentration of beneficial plant compounds, including polyphenols and organosulfur compounds.

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