Silverdome Gardens develops high quality CBD products that are used by people all over the world. As a start up company located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Oregon our mission is to create and distribute high quality CBD products for people and animals. Our products are produced from hemp grown on our farms, and we have a focus on production management and soil conservation. Each product is tested by multiple credited, licensed labs, to assure quality and consistency.

Farm Services

Silverdome Gardens is proud to offer multiple ground preparation services and soil amendment products tailored to the needs of the customer.


Pricing varies based what you need for your project. Full service includes Silverdome Gardens providing the tractor, the equipment as well as the operator. If you only need a partial service, we can accommodate this as well. If you have your own tractor and operator, we can simply rent out the disc to you.

Discing multiple passes will ensure the soil is ready for tilling or harrowing. If you plan to put in raised beds with mulch and drip tape, we highly recommend the tilling process. This will ensure good consistently packed beds. If you are planting directly into the ground you can still choose to till the soil as well but we have seen in the past that going right into harrowing saves time, money and prepares the soil for direct planting. The time it takes to finish this step can fluctuate a great deal. Soil type, weed pressure, organic matter, how smooth the ground is and moisture content can play a huge role in how long this process can take.


We recommend this step when going into raised beds with mulch and drip tape. After discing the ground, there can still be a lot of softball sized dirt clods in the field. This can cause major hiccups while laying raised beds. They can cause clogging in the bed layer which will cause a bulldozing effect. Also with large clods in the bed it can cause loose soil with not enough compaction, which can make it difficult to get seedlings to take hold and the beds will struggle to retain moisture content. Silverdome’s crew can provide a full tilling service and equipment only rentals as needed for your next project.


The next step to ground prep is harrowing. This will help to break up clods from discing as well as removing edges that were left by disc or tiller. In addition this step will help compact the soil which will help tremendously in water retention, meaning the soil will hold equal moisture much better. Silverdome can provide a full service here as well as only equipment rental for your next project.

Raised Bed & Mulch Laying

The final step to ground preparation is installing raised beds with mulch and drip tape. If this is something that you would like us to provide for you we would require you to have on site:

  • Mulch Film (3’ or 4’ Wide Rolls)
  • Drip Tape
  • Granular Fertilizer

If you need help with designing your irrigation we are happy to help you with that design process as well. Please contact us below and include a PDF with your field outlined, showing in detail the location of irrigation risers. Also include specifications on the pump or pumps that will be used. Please include row spacing, plants per acre and how long your rows will be.

The Importance of Ground Preparation

The key to making sure this machine is running properly and laying down good beds is the ground prep. Many things can play a role in the beds not laying correctly:

  • High clay content in soil
  • Moisture content
  • Tilling and compaction

If the ground is prepared correctly with the correct amount of moisture content you will have excellent beds. Also keep in mind, you will want to do ground prep and lay beds as close to planting as possible to try to combat weed pressure. Have a detailed plan for eliminating weeds so they do not take over and eliminate your transplant from getting the light it needs to thrive. Silverdome can provide a full service here or if you’d like to rent the machine, we can help with that as well. We will require a site visit to provide a quote.


Once you have finished with ground prep and irrigation you are all ready to get the plants in the ground. Silverdome Gardens offers a transplanting service using a mechanical transplanter. The machine works well planting into raised beds with mulch as well as directly into flat ground. The seedling / clone puck size can be no larger the 2.5” in diameter. It is also best to get plants into the ground before they are over 12” tall. The machine gives each transplant a dose of water as it is planted into the soil. If you would like, we have an amazing nutrient mix that we love to use for this application. This mix really helps plants take off and become established in less time.

Soil Mixing & Container Filling

Silverdome Gardens provides a mobile soil mixing container filling service. We can set up at your farm to mix nutrients and amendments into your soil blend. Once mixing is finished we can fill the containers you provide. Now you are ready to plant your clones or seedlings. We also offer our customers a custom in house soil blend. If you already have soil in mind but you are looking for amendments or nutrients we have a list of products that have worked for us for years that are available in our products section.

The speed rate of mixing and filling containers can vary greatly with different soil types, moisture content as well as container size. We require a site visit or soil sample to put together a quote for you. We can also custom build these machines for different sizes and needs based on your project. This requires having a loader tractor on site which we can provide if needed.

Soil Reconditioning

If you are interested in re-using your soil we offer a service that can take the root ball mass and chop them back into nice soft fluffy soil again. Once soil is blended we run it through a sifter to remove any of the stocks and chunks that remain in the soil. This machine is also mobile and can be setup wherever it is most convenient for you and your project. This requires having a loader tractor on site. We can also provide a loader if needed.

Soil Amendment Products

We sell high quality ag supplies to support your latest projects!

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